The Book Doctor.

If you need a book and it isn't your library day, The Book Doctor can help you by recommending you a book. 


Please send your name and a line or two about the type of book you might like or a book you read recently and enjoyed. Using this information and your Library loan history, we can supply you with a tailored book recommendation delivered directly to you during registration within 24hrs of ordering it. 


Send an email to 



Click and Collect

If you need a book and it is not your day to come enter the Library, you can use the new Click and Collect system. This system allows you to search the catalogue and click to reserve a book from anywhere you have an internet connection. I will then find this book on the shelf and you can collect it from your form teacher the following morning. 

When you have logged in, you can also see which books you already have on loan, books you have previously read and also write reviews.

Please watch the video below about how to login and reserve a book. 


To get started click here