Department Aims

The ethos of the department is to provide varied and enriching lessons, through a stimulating and enthusiastic approach to learning. The department aims to develop skills of critical evaluation, analysis, decision making and research in such a way to inspire students to succeed by engaging their interest in this vast subject that impacts on all of our everyday lives.

Programmes of Study

Unit 1: The English Legal System

Introduction to Law

Courts and Processes

People in the Law

Sources of English Law

Unit 2: Law in Action

Family Law

Criminal Law


High standards are expected from pupils at all times in terms of both work and behaviour for learning. Pupils are expected to work autonomously, independently and most importantly as a team.  Teaching will aim to be innovative and will use a variety of teaching methods in order to suit all learning styles in the classroom.

Pupils are expected to maintain high quality written work in Law and will be expected to present work well with accurate spelling, punctuation, grammar (SPaG) and use of capital letters. Pupils are expected to correct any SPaG errors during dedicated improvement time.

Outside of the classroom pupils are expected to complete homework at the request of the teacher. This will generally be on a weekly basis and will take a variety of forms. All homework is available for pupils, parents and staff to access via Show My Homework. Failure to complete homework will result in pupils being given a first warning, followed by subsequent detentions if pupils fail to submit further pieces of work.

Marking and Assessment

Please access the link to our current Assessment Policy.

Exams taken

Qualification Type: GCSE

Exam Board: AQA

Pupils will study for two exams which are broken down into Unit 1 and Unit 2.

Unit 1 will look at the English Legal System and will contain 90marks, which is worth 50% of the GCSE. This will be a written paper lasting 1 hour 30 minutes. Pupils will answer all questions from Section A and one from a choice of two questions in Section B.

Unit 2 will look at Law in Action and will contain 90marks, which is worth 50% of the GCSE. This will be a written paper lasting 1 hour 30 minutes. Pupils will answer two questions from a choice of four.

Staff List

Mrs E Williams - Teacher of Law

Extra-curricular activities

Pupils are expected to take part in a court visit to both a Crown Court and a Magistrates Court. This is done in the October half-term to coincide with our work in the classroom looking at the court structure.

Pupils may be offered the opportunity to visit London where it is hoped they will be able to visit the Houses of Parliament, the Old Bailey and the Royal Courts of Justice.

How parents can support their children

Above all else the Law department values the support and cooperation of parents in ensuring pupils attend school on time and ready to learn, complete classwork and homework to the highest possible standard and in meeting the standards required in the school behaviour policy.

If parents wanted to help pupils revise for unit 1 then a court visit would be helpful for pupils to teach parents about the hierarchy of the courts, court processes and people in the court.

Below are two books that cover the course content at a suitable level for parents who wish to support the learning of their child. In the second year of study, pupils will be issued with the book by J. Martin.

Martin, J. (2012) GCSE Law, 5th Edition. Oxon: HODDER Education.

Jones, A and Page, T. (2009) GCSE AQA Law. London: Nelson Thornes Ltd.