Learning Support at Parklands

The learning support department are dedicated and do their best endeavours in ensuring that reasonable adjustments are made to meet the complex special educational needs of pupils who need specialist provision. We work closely with the pupils who have a disability and/or a need; be it a learning need, a physical need, a communication/interaction need or a social emotional mental health need . 

Useful links 

DCO  - Access the contact details for your designated clinical officers

ITT      - Learn more about Independent Travel Training from the leaflet attached or email Alison.Wesson@lancashire.gov.uk

POWAR   - Learn more about POWAR, the participation group for children and young people

FIND      -  FIND newsletter

Partnership    - Keep up to date with the latest news from the Lancashire SEND Partnership

Autism Eye, Issue 33 Spring 2019 - https://autismeye.com/digital-edition/2-3/








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