Department Aims

In Geography we aim to enthuse students in an appreciation of the world that they live in. We all live on ‘the same Earth’ no matter what our race, religion, gender or political views are. Sharing an understanding of how other people live is vital to understanding the Geography of the world.

Our world was shaped originally by fantastic physical processes but humans have had their impact as the population grew from the 1800s. Humans will continue to have an impact on their planet and students at Parklands will learn how to do this in a sustainable way.

We aim to give students an understanding of the past, the present and the future, of which they will be a part. We hope that our students will share their love of Geography with their children and grandchildren ...

Programmes of Study

At KS3 students will begin each year studying a unit on their ‘local/regional’ Geography. We feel that it is important that they understand how their area has grown or developed over time before they move further field. Students then move on to learn about other destinations in the UK before finally finishing each year with a study of worldwide destinations.

Access the Key Stage 3 (year 7 and year 8), Scheme of Work here, along with Key Stage mapping.

Year 11 students are, at present, studying Geography GCSE - AQA Syllabus A. Within this they will study 6 units and complete an additional Controlled Assessment (Fieldwork) worth 25% of their final mark.

Paper 1 - Physical

Paper 2 - Human

Parklands Fieldwork/Field Trip Opportunities 2016 - 2018

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Present Year 9 - Bowness Tourism

Friday 08/09/2016

Future Year 9 - Bowness Tourism

Friday 30/09/2016

Future Year 10 - Astley Park - Ecosystem - in the lesson - September 2016

Formby/Liverpool 20/09/2016 (present Year 10)

Present Year 9 - Springfields Energy

Thursday 30/03/2016

Future Year 9 - Springfields Energy

Preston Thursday 01/12/2016

Future Year 10 - Manchester/Trafford Park or Liverpool Docks

Urban Development - End June?- 30/06/2017

Future Year 11 - Rivers Fieldwork - September 2018

Possible G&T visit to Runshaw if available - Sustainability Feb/March?



Present Year 9 - Southport/Formby  Coastal Defences

Monday 04/07/2016

Future Year 9 - Southport/Formby Coastal Defences

Tuesday 04/07/2017



Year 7 visit Chorley Town Centre to do a chain store/independent store (Royal Geographical Society) Survey.

Year 8 carry out Microclimate fieldwork in the school’s grounds.

Residential to Cranedale in North Yorkshire: Years 8, 9 and 10. July 2016

Overseas visit to Sicily for all years October 2017

Photographs of Scily

At present, the fieldwork involves a visit to Bowness in the Autumn term year 9 complete a tourism study (subject to change). As well as this we visited Ainsdale Sand Dunes & Liverpool Docks in September 2015. This visit complements the Coastal Zone and Changing Urban Environments Units. Present Year 9 Geographers are studying the New AQA GCSE Syllabus. The link can be seen below. Year 11 students will conduct a local river study . Future year 10 visit to Manchester. Present year 9 students visit Bowness, Springfields energy plant and Southport/Formby in 2018. In 2017 we are running an exciting visit to Sicily and Mount Etna. In July 2016 we ran a trip to Cranedale Field Studies Centre in North Yorkshire.

Access the new Key Stage 4 Scheme of Work here. Present year 9 and 10, to be examined in 2018.


We are a friendly, approachable department but we expect high standards from our students. Our students feel comfortable in their Geography learning environment and are keen to progress.

Within the Geography department we are dedicated to the Learning Outside the Classroom agenda and strive to offer as many creative opportunities for pupils to become involved in their learning. This includes the use of the 4D space and TV studio in school, as well as making use of the environment that surrounds the school. Beyond this we offer a number of opportunities for pupils to get involved in visits to various locations across the UK.

Our policies are in-line with those set by school and are stored electronically within the department.

Marking and Assessment

We believe that effective feedback is essential to a student’s learning and work is regularly assessed throughout each term by both teacher and a student’s peers. Homework and classroom based learning  are both fundamental components of learning and are assessed regularly. We have developed new formative assessment guidance sheets  for students which helps them to focus their learning and to make progress over the year and between years. Work will be assessed on how secure it is compared to the given objectives/criteria and literacy will be corrected in student’s work as per the school’s Literacy Policy. Students will respond to any improvements suggested by staff in DIT (Dedicated Improvement Time). This may take place within a lesson, or at home.

Homework will be displayed on the Show My Homework part of the school’s website.

Access the Geography Assessment Criteria here

Exams taken

Year 11 students are, at present, studying Geography GCSE – AQA Syllabus A. Within this they will study 6 units and complete an additional Controlled Assessment (Fieldwork) worth 25% of their final mark. The first 3 Physical  Units make up 37.5% of the exam, the second 3 Human Units 37.5% and the CA the other 25% (as mentioned above).

Exam board specification.

Pupils will be entered at either Foundation or Higher Level depending on their ability, progress and expected target grades.

As of September 2016 students have been following the 'new' AQA GCSE Geography Syllabus which can be seen here:

This comprises three exams:
Paper 1 - 3.1 Living with the physical environment -1 hour 30 minutes (35%)
Paper 2 - 3.2 Challenges in the human environment - 1 hour 30 minutes (35%)
Paper 3 - 3.3 Geographical Applications - 1 hour 15 minutes (30%)

Staff list

Mrs F Eastham - Curriculum Leader for Geography

Mr S Whalley - Teacher of Geography and Religious Education

Mr R Needham - Teacher of Geography

Extra-curricular activities

Mrs Eastham is involved with the Geography Chorley and South Ribble Curriculum Network and regularly attends their meetings.

Staff are involved in the wider life of the school in a variety of activities e.g. Duke of Edinburgh Award. Mr Needham runs the school's eco team and Mr Whalley is in charge of the geography learning ambassadors.

How parents can support their children

As a parent/guardian you can support your child in Geography by regularly checking ‘Show My Homework’ to guide them in homework tasks. Please feel free to look through their exercise books to see how they can improve their learning.

Providing a revision guide for GCSE students can help learning and structure revision. These are available from school.

Additionally you can support your child when you take them places…. shopping trips, day visits, holidays etc. Try to get them to look at their surroundings, attractions and the weather….. Why is it hotter in Tenerife than back at home? Why do you think that the Trafford Centre was built here? Why is Scafell Pike so amazing? See if they can tell you….. if not, get them to find out!

Remember, Geography is so important – it is the world we live in and our future.