Our Vision

Welcome to Parklands High School.  As an outward-facing school in continual pursuit of excellence, we aim to provide a world-class, 21st Century education for all pupils, irrespective of social background, race, gender, disability, belief, and sexual orientation, so they can successfully embark on the next stage of their education, training or employment, and make a positive contribution to society.

Academic Excellence

We aim to ensure all our pupils aspire to be the best they can be.  This starts by building upon the solid foundations established in our excellent feeder primary schools, setting aspirational targets and ensuring our programme of teaching and learning promotes accelerated progress in all subjects.  We are justifiably proud of our tradition as a successful school, in which pupils are encouraged to aim high and not cap their own potential.  We believe that all our pupils should have the ambition and drive to dream big, to dream that anything is possible, that no career path is out of their reach.  We expect that, after 5 years of thorough grounding at Parklands, our pupils will have the potential to become the next Prime Minister, the next Shakespeare, the next Professor Stephen Hawking, the next Bafta-winning actor, the next Nobel Peace Prize winner, or choose any career path which will bring lifelong fulfillment.  In order to facilitate our pupils’ dreams, we constantly strive for academic excellence in everything we do, and as our pupils commit to a path of academic excellence, whatever their ability, then dreams become reality.

High Expectations

At Parklands we live and breathe a culture of high expectations in everything we do.  We expect our pupils to not only achieve academic excellence, but leave our school as well-grounded young adults, who will make a positive contribution to society.  We expect exemplary behaviour at all times; we expect pupils wearing a Parklands uniform to be role models both in school and within the local community, and we expect everyone who comes into contact with Parklands pupils to be met with courtesy, warmth and compassion.  

Outward-looking School

Having spent 5 years with us, we expect our pupils to have developed into global, 21st Century citizens.  We invest valuable curriculum time in broadening our pupils’ horizons, ensuring they are aware of our own multi-cultural inclusive British society and are able to show respect and tolerance for others, regardless of faith, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, race or disability.  We foster British Values and aim to explore the world with our pupils with eyes wide open, embracing differences and cultivating mutual respect.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equality

We believe in equality for everyone, irrespective of our differences. The culture of our school community is one of inclusion and diversity where all those connected to and in contact with the school feel proud of their identity and ability to participate fully in the life of the school. Diversity is a strength which we respect and celebrate, aiming to treat all equally and fairly.  Thanks to our House system and outstanding pastoral support, our pupils are fully supported so they can embrace whatever challenges life throws at them.

A representation of our vision can be accessed here.

Mr S Mitchell (Headteacher)



If any parent would like to request a copy of  information on this website in another format, i.e. braille, audio or printed, we will be happy to provide this free of charge. Please contact the office for further information.