The school opens at 8.20am and you are able to buy breakfast in the school canteen.  From Monday to Friday the rest of the school day is as follows:

08.40am – 09.00am Registration
09:00am – 09:20am Reading
09:20am – 10.15am Lesson 1
10:15am - 11:10am Lesson 2
11:10am – 11.30am Break
11.30am – 12.25pm Lesson 3
12:25pm – 1.20pm Lesson 4
1.20pm – 2.00pm Lunch
2.00pm – 3.00pm Lesson 5
3.00pm End of day

At break you can purchase food and drinks from the canteen by queuing up in the hall.


If you would prefer to bring a packed lunch, you can go straight into the hall at the start of lunch and eat there, regardless of what year group you are in.  You should take a chair from the side, put all rubbish in the bins, then return your chair to the side of the hall when you have finished.