Who are the Learning Ambassadors and why should you join?

The Learning Ambassadors are a group of students from years 8-11 who have applied to be part of this programme and meet over the course of the school year to develop new ideas and events that make our school stand out. The Learning Ambassadors help out with a wide range of tasks around school in a Teaching and Learning context, helping to shape the already fabulous education we get here at Parklands High School. Most of our Learning Ambassadors often go on to gain other roles within school such as Prefect or a member of the Senior Student Leadership Team (SSLT). Many of our Learning Ambassadors also go on to become Head Pupil! Being a part of the Learning Ambassador Team is a fantastic opportunity to gain confidence and new skills whilst making new friends in different years in the process. We welcome people who are interested in just about anything; there is a role for everyone in the Learning Ambassadors! Working together, as pupils, to develop Teaching and Learning ideas helps us build skills we will need in later life and helps us to stand out in interviews because it gives us real life experiences we can draw upon.


What have we done around school?

In school, the Learning Ambassadors help to run many events and activities that we have devised ourselves. Examples of our activities include:

Super Learning Day - This is one of our most popular Respect days as it is prepared and run by the pupils for the pupils. During this day we teach pupils about how to be a better learner and what it means to be a good learner in school. It is always really popular and we run this every year.

Training sessions for teachers As pupils, we have a unique standpoint and we have run CPD for staff and trainee teachers on topics such as “Behaviour techniques” and “Active Learning in the classroom”.

Social clubs for pupils There are many clubs that the Learning Ambassadors have created and maintain responsibility for such as EAL Games Club, Art Club, Homework Club and Coding Club. As soon as a Learning Ambassador sees a missed opportunity, they are welcome to create a new club to jump on this!

Assemblies and training of new recruits - Our biggest event of the year is the drive for new recruits. We put on an assembly in the summer term and when it is delivered by our Learning Ambassadors, we get a massive turn out! 


Our Learning Ambassador Teams

In order to help the Learning Ambassadors get involved with things that they are passionate about, this year, they have been split into 5 'Teams'. These teams are: 

Reading Team
You will work with our Red Ties on all things reading across the school, including setting up World Book Day activities. This will also involve working with primary schools. You will plan and deliver lessons which involve reading out loud to various year groups at various local primary schools.

Creative Team
You will do things such as: work on our display board on the concourse, update our logo and slogan, write sections for our school newspaper (run by Mr Cunningham) and get involved with anything else creative to aid the other teams.

Digital Team
You will work closely with the other teams and help them with any digital elements. You will also be responsible for the content on our 'Learning Ambassador Instagram' and create pupil-friendly training videos on how to use technology at Parklands. 

Training Team:
You will be responsible for creating and delivering training to teachers, trainee teachers and new Learning Ambassadors (during the summer term).

The wonderful thing about the Learning Ambassador groups is that these are completely fluid; you can choose which group you want to be a part of but it's completely fine to change your mind or to be involved in multiple groups!