At Parklands we have approximately 70 teaching staff and 20 support staff, so it will take you quite a while to get to know us all.  We will forgive you if you can’t remember all our names!  Below is a list of staff and some of their responsibilities, as some of the job names may be new to you.

Strategic Leadership Team

The SLT are the most senior members of staff in the school. The Deputy Headteacher, Assistant Headteachers, and the Business Manager report directly to the Headteacher on issues regarding the leadership and management of the school.

Mr S Mitchell


Mrs G Aspinall

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs C Batson

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs V Barwick

Assistant Headteacher

Mr J Galbraith

Assistant Headteacher

Miss H Partington

Assistant Headteacher

Miss L Pilkington

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs D Astin

Business Manager

Mrs N Fairhurst

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms C Slater

Project and Premises Manager

House Achievement Leaders

Team Leader - Mrs S Haslam

Africa House - Mr A Swift

Asia House - Mr C Snell

Australasia House - Mrs K Dewhurst

Europe House - Mrs G Fox

South America House - Miss K Burrill

Curriculum Leaders

Art - Mr G Wood

Computing - Mr A Miller

Creative Media - Mrs S Weldon

Dance - Miss G Marr

Drama - Mrs K Gray

English - Mr D Banks

Food Technology - Mrs S Brookes

Geography - Mrs F Eastham

History - Mrs E Brown

Mathematics - Miss A Johnson

Languages - Mrs R Wilkinson and Mrs B Cosgrove

Music - Mr P Willsher

Music Technology - Mr P Willsher

Photography - Mr G Wood

Physical Education - Mr G Metcalf

Design and Technology - Mr C Goodwin

Religious Education - Miss S Rhodes

Science - Miss R Betney

Useful Staff Lists