A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all Parklands students.  We expect all our students to look smart and tidy whilst wearing our uniform.  Our uniform promotes our school ethos, provides a sense of belonging to the Parklands community, and it sets an appropriate tone for the education your child will receive at our school.  We believe our uniform is a social leveller as it creates a common identity amongst all our students, regardless of their background.  

Our uniform expectations are in line with the national guidance (click here and here).

We have liaised extensively with our uniform suppliers to ensure they give highest priority to cost and value for money.  In line with government guidance, we have reduced the number of branded items in order to ensure uniform costs are not too high and we retain the quality and durability which parents and carers expect.  The kilt and PHS-branded trousers are of high quality and durability.

The approximate cost for compulsory items is £100 (1 x blazer, 1 x kilt or 1 x PHS-branded trousers, 1 x tie, 1 x polo shirt, 1 x PE shorts).  This is far more affordable than the average cost of a secondary school uniform, as reported by The Children’s Society (click here).  This is further supported by this BBC News article.


School Uniform List

Required items:

  • Navy blue blazer with school badge. The ready-badged blazer is available from our suppliers, or a plain navy blazer can be purchased from any retailer and a badge sewn on. Badges are available from school. 

  • Either: Parklands black school regulation trousers with PHS lettering. Choose from three approved styles.  No other trousers are permitted. Or: A Parklands kilt style skirt. Both trousers and skirt are available from our suppliers below. 

  • Plain light blue shirt - can be purchased from any retailer

  • Clip-on school tie - available from our uniform suppliers

  • Knee high dark socks or black opaque tights when wearing a skirt. Short dark socks for those wearing trousers.

  • Sensible black leather or leather effect shoes. No trainers, boots, high heels or canvas footwear. 


  • Navy cotton V-neck jumper or cardigan - can be purchased from any retailer

PE Kit

Compulsory Items:  

  • Either a Parklands PE Polo Shirt or a Parklands PE Rugby Shirt.

  • Either Parklands PE Shorts, Parklands Akoe PE Leggings or Parklands Akoe Tracksuit bottoms.

  • White socks of any brand (ankle or trainer socks) or Parklands blue PE socks.

  • One pair of sports trainers that are appropriate for indoor and astro turf use. They can be of any colour as long as they are not fashion trainers such as converse, for example, and they must offer grip and support.

Optional item: 

  • Parklands PE Hoody

Other notes: 

● Please write your child’s name on all garments so we can get lost items back to their owner as soon as possible. We have removed the requirement to have items initialled by the uniform suppliers in order to reduce costs and ensure items can be donated to others.

● During the winter months, we allow pupils to wear appropriate sports clothing under their Parklands PE tops to keep them warmer.


If representing the school in football or rugby pupils will require the following: 

  • Parklands blue PE socks 

  • Football boots for grass 

  • Shin pads 


All items should be labelled.

Uniform suppliers

  • Jada Embroidery and Print. 213 Eaves Lane, Chorley, PR6 0AG. Tel: 01257 271592. Website: 

  • Nu Uniforms. 82 Market Street, Chorley, PR7 2SF. Tel:01257275512 Website: 

  • Trutex Direct. This is an online service at The password is LEA00533SC and you will need to enter your email address. This is designated as a secure site. 


Provision of second-hand uniform

At various points in the year we shall ask for donations of uniform, after which we shall offer parents/carers the opportunity to come into school in order to seek appropriate items for their child at no cost.



Please follow the guidance above, as we do not wish families to have to go to the expense of buying replacements at the start of the year. However, if our requirements are not met we will insist on appropriate replacements.

Families are asked for their support in ensuring our high standards are met.

Please note non-branded items can be purchased from any retailer or from our uniform suppliers.


  • All uniform and personal possessions should be clearly name labelled.

  • Watches are the only permitted jewellery item.  

  • Parklands respects all religions and cultures and, therefore, permits the wearing of headscarves for religious reasons. Parklands regrets that face coverings are not allowed.


General equipment

Ensure that your child takes responsibility for coming to school fully equipped with: black, blue and red pens; ruler; pencil; eraser; school books and appropriate PE kit (see above).


Specific equipment

Compasses and a protractor will be used in some lessons throughout the year in a range of subjects.

We would recommend the following models of Casio scientific calculator as they are easy to use and are suitable to GCSE level: 

(Fx-83GT, Fx-83GTX, Fx-83GTplus, Fx-83GTXplus, Fx-85GT, Fx-85GTX, Fx-85GTplus or Fx-85GTXplus)



Watches are the only permitted jewellery item. All other jewellery including earrings, studs, stretchers, tongue piercings and dermal piercings are not permitted and we insist on the removal of any piercings if worn in school, regardless of whether this may cause a piercing to heal. Therefore, if your child has a new piercing it should be done at the start of the school summer holidays, to allow for the recommended healing period.

Extreme hairstyles and colours are not permitted. A #2 haircut is the shortest permissible.  Should you allow your child to have such styles or colours we request they are done at the start of the summer break, in order to meet our standards at the start of the new academic year.

Make-up is not allowed apart from year 11 where discrete make-up is permitted (school will be the final arbiter regarding this where there is disagreement). Nail varnish and any form of false nails are not permitted, nor are false eyelashes 

School will be the final arbiter of what is acceptable with regards to uniform, standards and equipment.

*In order to maintain high standards we have a ‘5 strikes rule’ in relation to skirt length. Students who need to be reminded on 5 separate occasions will have the option to wear a skirt removed and will be expected to wear school trousers.