In school we use voluntary biometric recognition within our canteen area using pupil and staff fingerprints. You should have received a letter regarding this but if you haven’t you can access the letter using the link below. Please print the form off and return it signed to the schools IT Technicians office  If it is not possible for you to print the form then please request a paper version from the Office.

Parents/carers can logon to the Tucasi site and view their son or daughter's meal purchaces. Just follow the guidence below.

1. After logging on, click on the View History button (circled below).














2. This will take you to the payment history for dinner money page (the example circled below shows that on the 17th June the student purchased a traybake at 60p and a sandwich with salad at £1.50). You can also see the cash top-ups made against this account.











Cashless Catering