The move from primary to high school can, for many pupils, be unsettling.  In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, steps are taken to familiarise our new intake with our school. We hold an Open Evening, a House Welcome Evening and a New Intake Day which help to give new pupils an insight into their new school.   In addition we also invite our feeder primaries to attend school productions and our Learning Challenge Festival Day, which gives pupils the opportunity to experience what they could get involved with once at Parklands.

There is a very close liaison with our feeder primary schools, enabling us to find out about the abilities, talents and friendship groups of our new pupils.  Each primary school is visited by one of the House Achievement Leaders during the summer term prior to the new pupils starting in September.

Once at Parklands, we hold a 'Meet the Tutor' evening in the first half-term where parents and carers have the opportunity to meet with their child’s Form Tutor and House Leader to see how their child has settled into high school and to enable them to raise any questions or discuss any concerns that may have arisen in the crucial settling in period. We have a Vertical Tutoring system which means that all pupils are placed in mixed age form groups; this enables them to settle into school with older pupils on hand to guide and mentor them from day one.  We operate a House system and every pupil stays in that House throughout their school career.


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