On Monday the 19th of June we held our Parklands High School General Election. It was a fascinating afternoon and it was heartening to see our pupils conduct themselves in a serious and mature manner, they clearly considered this to be a very important event. We have spent several weeks preparing all pupils for the event, with carefully designed resources being presented during our SECURE programme lessons. There are many important aspects to be considered when delivering a programme like this to young people, neutrality being paramount. An important aim was to inform them of the policies and ideologies of the 5 main UK political parties. We also wanted to give them an authentic voting experience that was as close as possible to the real thing.

783 Students turned out to cast their vote in our recent General Election with Labour receiving 54% of the total votes.

To see some of the resources students have been using, and more details on the event please follow the following links:

Aspire Lesson 5 - The General Election

Aspire Lesson 6 - The General Election

General Election results - Information for parents