We recently took 101 parklands students, making up 9 different teams, to the national schools cheerleading competition in Manchester. Students put in a sensational performance, with the following fantastic results!

Y10&11 Cheer - 1st
Y10 & 11 Pom dance - 1st
Y10 & 11 Street cheer - 1st
Y 8 & 9 A team Pom - 1st
Y 8 & 9 Cheer - 2nd
Y7 & 8 Street cheer 2nd
Y7 Cheer - 3rd
Y7 Pom - 4th
Y8 & 9 B team Pom - 6th

The competition organisers also contacted us the week before to say they were running a best banner competition. I emailed our students about it and was overwhelmed by their responses, staying late, taking resources home and generally working together. In total we took 12 different banners to the competition and also won this.

The final award of the day is the spirit award, this awarded to the team that shows the best spirit of the day. They have to display excellent sportsmanship to other teams, cheer and encourage all performers and just keep working hard to support others as well as perform. We have worked hard for this for the last 7 years and they students were made up (many even cried) to hear we won this too.

Overall, a very successful day that couldn't have happened without Ms. Sorbie who now takes the y7 teams. Thanks also to Ms. Johnson, Ms. Robinson, Ms. Greaves, Ms. Williams, Ms. Bland and Mr. Altham who also gave up their entire Sunday to come along and help.

Jun 2017

Miss. G. Marr