Tuesday 19th September saw staff and learning ambassadors putting on a full morning of enrichment activities for year 7 students. Activities included sessions on becoming better learners, friendships, E-learning and leadership of learning. Below are a few pictures from the day, and a range of quotes from student feedback forms. This is clearly an extremely valuable day, and provides one part of a package up-skilling students to get as much from life at Parklands as possible!

Comments on the leaders of the sessions


“They were very nice, enthusiastic and helpful”

“They were very good at teaching for pupils”

“Dottie was an excellent teacher, she gave me the best session”

“Being taught by students made the learning fun”

“For a new leader, Malaika was brilliant”

“Chloe had a lovely clear voice”

“All my leaders were excellent”

“Isaac, Cameron and Sam explained things really well”

“They were kind and helped you if you were stuck”

“It’s more interesting listening to pupils”

“I thought the leaders were proud”

“I liked seeing the head boy and head girl teach me”

“They put loads of effort in”

“They should be teachers”

“Keep up the good work”

“They were extremely well prepared”

“The leaders were really brave to talk in front of everyone”

General Comments


“Each lesson was varied”

“I learnt new and interesting things”

“There was a lot of choice for the leadership sessions”

“It was the best experience and day ever” (Alex Fogg)

“I’d love to teach year 7s next year”

“I liked learning about people I didn’t know before in my year”

“They were amazing lessons”

“I learnt loads I didn’t know before”

“It was really fun and I definitely enjoyed my day”

“The resources were excellent”

“I liked learning about different behaviours that can stop me going on trips”

“The green screen was really interesting”

“Everything was unbelievable”

“It was just amazing”

“Everything was perfect”

“I want to be an ambassador”

“I enjoyed seeing the year 11s”

“It was a nice change”



“Speak a little louder”

“I’d like a Music or Drama choice”

“I’d like the sessions to be longer”

“I’d like more sessions for potential leadership opportunities”

“Make it a 5 period day - maybe 2 leadership sessions”

“Bigger rooms for some sessions”

“Talk to us individually”

“I’d like to make things in a session”

“Sometimes the teachers took over when the pupils were doing a great job”