Super Learning Day is...Super!

18 September 2018

Today was Super Learning Day for our year 7s which was their first ever Respect day. It's a special event because they are taught completely by our Learning Ambassadors from years 8-11 for the whole day. We learnt things about e-relationships, friendships and how to be the best learner, it was jam packed and lots of fun!


After lunch, pupils got to go to a personalised session on Sport, Radio, STEM, Learning Ambassadors, English or Community & Charity. Pupils loved these sessions and they were again taught by some of our leaders here at school who were able to pass on their personal knowledge of specific topics to really inspire our pupils. 


The Learning Ambassadors put a lot of hard work into today so it was lovely to hear things like this on the feedback sheets...


"I think everyone did a great job"

"The ambassadors helped me when I was struggling"

"As they had been students like us before, they knew what we liked"

"It inspired me not to be shy in the future"

"I learnt a lot from our head student in year 11 - James"

"I thought they were very brave to stand up in front of us all"

"I enjoyed the change of routine"

"Lucy was very kind and I would like to be a friend like her"

"They gave us real life scenarios, not just making things up"

"They taught like real teachers, not panicking and it was so fun"

"I liked realising that perhaps there are people at school with the same interests as me"

"They gave epraise and that's amazing"

"I learnt how sometimes my behaviour can be distracting"

"I would LOVE to be a learning ambassador"

"Very imaginative - super fun!"

"They were very clear, they could be teachers!"