2022 - Parent Surveys

We would be really grateful if you could take the time to complete a short survey about your child's experiences at Parklands, please use the links below:

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A Three Way Partnership


We believe that engaging parents and carers is one of our main priorities. Global research proves that parents/carers who are consistently and positively engaged in their son or daughter’s learning can have a significant impact on their achievement. Parklands is committed to supporting parents/carers in this vital aspect, for the benefit of all our pupils. Having achieved gold award in the ‘Parental Engagement Quality Standard’, we feel this is recognition of the importance we place on strong communication links with home.

Communication with parents/carers through a variety of systems are listed below:-

  • Termly tracker reports on progress

  • Behaviour for Learning reports every half-term to feedback on attitudes to learning.

  • Parents’ consultation evenings

  • Home School Agreement

  • House Achievement Leaders (HALs) - dedicated, full time staff with an overview of all the students in their House. As the HALs do not have a teaching responsibility, they are accessible and prompt to respond to any enquiries or concerns.

  • Subject teacher email to report progress

  • Facebook page where queries are answered promptly where possible. 

  • Instagram page - parklands_high_chorley

  • School website

  • Weekly parent/carer drop-in sessions. Community based every Wednesday at Asda, Chorley (11.30am-12.30pm) and in school every Friday morning (8.30-9.30 am).

  • A weekly Parklands’ bulletin shared via email and available on our school website and social media pages. 

  • Edulink App with your child’s timetable easily accessible and notification of any issues with behaviour/attendance/punctuality. 

  • A Termly Parent Forum. 

  • An online enquiry from the Contact page on the school website

A mutually supportive relationship between students, parents/carers and staff is the key to our pupils’ academic success and sense of well-being.

Our policy is to keep parents/carers as informed as fully as possible and where issues occur, parents/carers are involved at an early stage.

Parents/carers are also encouraged to make contact with the school if they have any concerns or queries. Each year group has at least one Consultation Evening where parents/carers meet with their child’s subject teachers to discuss their progress. Teaching staff can be contacted via email for the most prompt response. A full list of staff can be found on the ‘key staff’ link on the school information section of our website. The email address for staff is always as follows: staff initial and surname followed by @parklandsacademy.co.uk. Therefore, to contact Mrs Haslam, for example, the email contact address would be shaslam@parklandsacademy.co.uk

In addition, there is a meeting for students and their parents/carers to discuss their examination option choices, a ‘Welcome to Key Stage 4’ information evening, a Year 11 ‘Planning for Success evening’ and a Year 6 into Year 7 information evening.

We also welcome stakeholder feedback through Ofsted Parent View, stakeholder feedback questionnaires and through direct contact.