Department Aims

Our aim in the Product Design department is to ensure that every student reaches their full potential in all material areas; that they are well motivated and enjoy learning the subject; they develop a competent set of practical skills along with analytical design thinking that will encourage creative thinking in everyday life.

We will endeavour to achieve our aims with good classroom teaching with the emphasis on empowering our students to become creative learners who can think and solve problems.  We are building up interactive lessons that are stimulating and challenging.

Programmes of Study

Programmes of Study

 Curriculum Overview


High standards are expected from pupils at all times in terms of both work and behaviour for learning. Pupils are expected to work autonomously, independently and most importantly as a team.  Teaching will aim to be innovative and will use a variety of teaching methods in order to suit all learning styles in the classroom.

Pupils are expected to maintain high quality written work in Product Design and will be expected to present work well with accurate spelling, punctuation, grammar (SPaG) and use of capital letters. Pupils are expected to correct any SPaG errors during dedicated improvement time.

Outside of the classroom pupils are expected to complete homework at the request of the teacher. All homework is available for pupils, parents and staff to access via Show My Homework. Failure to complete homework will result in pupils being given a first warning, followed by subsequent detentions if pupils fail to submit further pieces of work.

Marking and Assessment

Please access the link to our current Assessment Policy.

Exams taken

Qualification Type: GCSE

Exam Board: AQA

Pupils will complete two units in Product Design.

Unit 1 will consist of a written exam and will contain 120marks, which will contribute 40% of the GCSE. This will be a written paper lasting 1 hour 30 minutes.  

Unit 2 will be a Controlled Assignment which will contribute to 60% of their course.

At present the governments regulatory authority Ofqual have not accepted a final specification from any of the examination boards for examinations in this subject beyond 2017. As soon as this information is available we will publish it in this section of our website.

Staff list

Mr C Goodwin - Curriculum leader for Design and Technology

Mrs C Sawyer - Design and Technology Teacher

Mr P Collins - Design and Technology Technician

Extra-curricular activities

How parents can support their children