Below is the link to Digital Parenting. We believe this to be an excellent publication, giving parents the information they need to help protect their children from online threats.

Digital Parenting

To access our reporting software you must be logged into Realsmart using your school account

Report an E-safety Issue

Below are some relevant eSafety games

Select for some CEOP esafety games

The New E-safety News & Information Widget is available to, teachers, parents, pupils and school governors and links to the latest news, articles, definitions and up-to-date information about e-safety issues. Click below to follow the link.

E-safety – Reporting Centres

Remember, if an issue occurs in school report it immediately to any member of staff, (including the Network Manager – Ms Slater, the Designated Child Protection Officer – Mrs Fairhurst, or a member of the SLT). Alternatively, report the issue to a person that you trust, or your parent/carer. There is also a Pupil Support box available in the LRC where you can 'post' information or concerns either anonymously if you wish or by including your name and form if you wish someone to discuss your concerns with you.  You will then be contacted by the relevant member of staff.

Reporting Centre Websites

Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP), tackles child abuse on the internet. This website allows parents and young people to make reports of abuse online. Go to

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), is a reporting centre for illegal content found on the internet.  IWF deals specifically with child abuse and criminally obscene images, in the UK and Internationally. Go to

E-safety – Useful Information and Resources

Childline: is a private and confidential counselling service for children and young people up to the age of 19. Tel: 0800 1111

Childnet International: works in partnership with others around the world to help make the internet  a safe place for children. The Childnet website hosts a range of information and resources for young people, parents, carers and teachers on eSafety.

Digizen: provides resources and information on responsible digital citizenship including guidance on cyberbullying and social networking.

Kidsmart: hosts fun games and activities for children as well as internet safety advice for teachers and parents and carers.

Thinkuknow: provides information and advice for children, parents, teachers and other education professionals.

Pupils – If you log into your Realsmart Account you will find various e-safety informatiion.  If you have any queries or concerns relating to e-safety please report them immediately to a member of staff in the school.

This leaflet includes information to help you stay safe online, not only in school but also at home using your computer or mobile device.

Follow this link for information about staying safe over the festive period 2017